Cookham Riverside

The Cookham Riverside has just 35 bedrooms, the majority with outstanding views to the River Thames. Residents may take advantage of two large sitting rooms or enjoy the peace and quiet offered by our well stocked library. The gardens at the home are a particular feature, the large terraced area affording wonderful views across the lawns to passing boats and other craft using the river. There is level wheelchair access direct from the gardens to the towpath, the sailing club is almost next door and The Ferry Public House just by the bridge is very popular. Families and friends are positively encouraged to visit regularly and take advantage of The Cookham Riverside’s unique setting.

Our professional chefs take pride in providing excellent cuisine, sourcing fresh produce locally wherever possible. The menu is varied, well balanced and takes into account resident’s individual tastes and dietary requirements. All meals are prepared on site, thereby helping us to respond quickly to resident choice and appetite.


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